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This school was founded by Smt Saiharini Ramakrishnan, who had the great fortune to have her mother, kalaimamani Vasantha Krishnamurthy & Smt. Kamala Aswathama (Mother of Veena E. Gayathri) as her veena gurus and Sri. Sengalpet Ranganathan as her vocal guru. She started her training in the fine arts, at the early age of 4.

She started teaching at the age of 13. She has given a lot of concerts at various sabhas in chennai (especially during every december music festival), temples and at the famous Thiyagaraja Utsav at Thiruvaiyar. She is a regualr performer at All India Radio. She has also given Veena and Vocal recitals in the Dallas Area.


In order to preserve our musical tradition, it is imperative that training centres be established in as many places around the world, as possible. That is the inspiration behind establishing Vasanthalaya School of music.


Kalaimamani Smt. Vasantha Krishnamurthy

Smt. Kamala Aswathama

Smt. Saiharini Ramakrishnan